Seats of Kauri Wood
in Auckland

A board room from Kauri Craft and Furniture in Auckland

Made by Nature and Hand

Solid wood tea tables are carved out of one solid stump of kauri. It is not often we find a stump that can be created into a table that includes legs, as not many stumps are growing that way. This makes them a unique piece of art.

The Oldest Seat You’ll Ever Sit On

This is a multi-purpose seat or table with the primary aim of being comfortable to sit on. A seat that was grown 36,000 years ago is not lost on the design or feeling of sitting on it, which we proudly try to encapsulate.

Swamp Kauri

When creating this piece of art, we ensure that it is carved from one solid piece of kauri wood. We take this approach because it means a prevention of cracking, ensuring your furniture lasts for years.

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