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A table and chairs dining set from Kauri Craft and Furniture
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Ancient Kauri Wood

Our solid tables, solid seats and other carvings are made of ancient kauri wood that was growing in the Ice Age while Mammoths were still roaming Europe.

The Wood’s Lifecycle

Swamp kauri wood that is taken out of the ground after having been there for thousands of years therefore it needs to be treated to stabilise the wood.

Mastering Our Technique

We have developed a special treatment to keep our carvings crack-free,
even when they are made out of the trunk of a whole tree.

When you come along to Kauri Craft and Furniture you are given a range of natural designed and sculpted furniture and sculptures, created from the oldest workable wood in the world.

History in Your Home

Every product from Kauri Craft and Furniture is unique

Every Product is Unique

No table, seat or other carving is the same as they are carved out of a kauri stump.

Kauri Craft and Furniture's tables are crack resistant.

Crack Resistant

Even large tables exposed to central or floor heating systems will remain crack-free.

Kauri Craft and Furniture ships your table safely

Safety in Shipping

We have successfully shipped numerous kauri tables overseas to tropical countries without any issues.

An eco-friendly table from Kauri Craft and Furniture


We believe in an eco-friendly contribution to the world.

An ancient craft by Kauri Craft and Furniture in Auckland

An Ancient Craft

36.000-year-old kauri tables made into works of art by Jaap Tediek.

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