Headlog Tables
in Auckland

Headlog table from Kauri Craft and Furniture in Auckland

Understanding Headlog
Burl Tables

As well as using the roots of the tree, we also use the head of the tree or “Head log”, which we have made several tables from, some including burls. Whats unique about the head log is that it has a very high concentration of gum in the wood, which gives it a beautiful golden and bright green colour, only found in the head log part of the Kauri tree. As a result of this high concentration of gum, it makes the wood extremely difficult to work with, as it clogs up sandpaper and saw blades often immediately, which subsequently means there is not a lot of Head log furniture available as most woodworkers try
to avoid working with it. We feel it is worth the effort, as the colours are very appealing and having
furniture made from the head of a tree, is also appealing as it is not often done.

What Causes the Look?

The golden, sometimes green look from the wood is created as the sap stream in the top of the tree —containing a high concentration of gum — slows down. The wood is very hard and difficult to work with, but is a pleasure for the eye when it is finished.

Kauri For All Occasions

Kauri tables are eye-catchers in every room, especially due to their very special grain and the famous gold glow. These exclusive tree trunk tables can be delivered in several appearances; dining tables, meeting tables/boardroom tables and coffee tables.

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