Ancient Kauri Craft,

Designer of

ancient tree trunk tables.


Our solid tables, solid seats and other carvings are made of ancient Kauri wood which was growing in the ice age when Mammoths were roaming Europe.


All Solid wood furniture pieces are unique as they are carved out of Kauri stump.

Swamp Kauri wood that is taken out of the ground after having been there for thousands of years will dry out and therefore shrink and crack.


We have developed a special treatment to keep our carvings crack-free, even then they are made out of the trunk of a whole tree.


We have shipped numerous Kauri tables overseas to tropical countries without any issues.

Even big tables exposed to central or floor heating systems will remain crack-free.


Creating furniture from this wood is eco-friendly as we are reclaiming trees that have died in a natural process thousands of years ago rather than felled by man.

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36.000 year old Kauri tables made into works of art
by Jaap Tediek.


Jaap Tediek has spent his working life as a cabinetmaker, carpenter, and boat builder in Holland and emigrated to
New Zealand in 1981.

Jaap was fascinated by the uniqueness of swamp Kauri.

It is a carvers dream to find wood so rare which has been

carbon dated between 36.000 and 45.000 years, and is still workable with normal tools.

Later on Jaap discovered a combination of a high concentration of gum and the lack of oxygen in the swamp responsible for the extremely good state of preservation . which makes this timber unique in the world.



Our Kauri products are crafted from prehistoric New Zealand
swamp Kauri roots and carbon dating has identified the stumps
from which our products are made at over 36.000 years old.

New Zealand contains a bounty of ancient kauri wood submerged
beneath the northern peat swamps, only seldom
does it return to the surface.

This is from a forest which grew before man walked on this land.

Kauri Craft established in 1983