Small Kauri Tables


On request of some of our customers, like the well known Craftworld (with stores in Westgate Centre in West Auckland, Newmarket in Auckland and Porirua Wellington), and  the famous Matakohi Kauri museum,we developed a table with detachable legs.

They are now available in different sizes to make transportation (for the tourist ) easier and cheaper for delivery world wide.

We also make Small Tables which come completely packaged in a double carton box. Included with tables is a booklet about Swamp Kauri and a personal signed certificate by Jaap Tediek.

All table tops are different shape and pattern and contain some gum and fossil leaves from the Kauri we found in the swamp giving the product more character. These are now preserved in the clear epoxy resin.


Unique souvenirs from New Zealand in two sizes complete in a box.


Small Tables are approx

40 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm
( approx. 16 inch x 10 inch x 7 inch )

( L x W x H )






Table # ST1


Table # ST2



Table # ST3