Classic Coffee Tables


Classic tables have a natural shaped base.
We can make these tables to any size.


Classic tables have a top that is made from a cross section of the root system cut into a slab with dimensions from 125 cm x 75 cm ( approx. 49 inch x 30 inch) and a finished thickness
of 6 cm ( approx. 2.4 inch)
A smaller piece of root is attached
underneath creating a base selected to create a perfect balance.
The height of these tables are 42 cm ( approx. 17 inch ).

This is treated in the same way as all our products to stay
crack-free going through our special treatment, and finished with our famous heat resistant coating.






This design with a 12 mm glass top is secured with having
a hole drilled true it and a Kauri disk screws in the lower part.


This table was delivered to one of our
Japanese customers in 1998